Free Worship Concert Feat. Chris Lizotte, Sunday Morning Worship, Counselor - February 17th 5:30PM


Come join us as a guest at our church, where we convene every weekend to seek inspiration in following the path of Jesus. Our worship services last a little over an hour, during which we engage in communal singing, delve into Scripture study, engage in prayer, and foster connections with fellow attendees. We warmly invite you to be a part of our congregation. We’re located at 3185 Pullman Street, Costa Mesa CA 92626.

Pastor Pete Cropsey

With over 50 years of combined ministry experience, Pastors Pete and Dawn Cropsey exemplify a profound dedication to their calling. Pastor Pete, armed with a theology degree, has faithfully served for 30+ years, while Dawn, with degrees in Child/Human Development and Psychology/Counseling, has impacted lives for over 25 years in the treatment & recovery community.

At First Love Church, their teachings blend unwavering adherence to God's Word with the compelling life story of Pastor Pete and the insightful spirit of Dawn. Spirit-filled worship and passionate, God-infused teaching create an environment that stirs hearts and transforms lives. Together with their daughters and grandchildren, Pastors Pete and Dawn lead with love, inspiring a deeper connection with God at First Love Church.

Pastor Dawn Cropsey

Pastor Dawn wholeheartedly embraces her role in leading the women's ministry at our church, constantly seeking to deepen their Christ-centered focus. Through discipleship and unwavering prayer, she guides women to discover their true identity and independence in Christ, always seeking spiritual solutions and fostering a life rooted in Jesus' love, hope, and healing.

The name "First Love Church," personally chosen by Dawn, reflects the very essence of her existence. As Proverbs 31:30-31 reminds us, true beauty lies not in superficial charm but in a woman who reveres the Lord. Let her fruitful labor and undeniable impact speak of her praise as she stands at the gates of honor.

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Pastor Ben Hooker

Pastor Ben & Melia Hooker have been a part of the First Love Family since 2014.

They are both active in the recovery community and “were drawn to First Love because of our shared passion for seeing lives changed through the power of Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Ben began his commitment to First Love Church by volunteering to oversee the set up crew. He hauled the church trailer and set up the sanctuary every Sunday for three years and in fact still does. His servant’s heart became even more evident as he began to teach the Word of God and Ministered selflessly to the congregation.

Melia Hooker

Melia’s favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:28; “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, who are the called according to His purpose.” Pastor Ben’s favorite verse is Matthew 5:16; “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” He serves in an Associate teaching role with Pastor Pete, and leads our Mid-Week Bible Study.

They have two children, Jude, 6 and Pearl, 4.

Jeremy & Julia Williams

I'm Jeremy Williams, and my life has been a rollercoaster ride. Growing up, I enjoyed skateboarding, dirt bikes, and music. However, at 18, I fell into a dark spiral of drug abuse, alcoholism, and criminal activities. It seemed like there was no way out, and I felt lost without any faith or hope. When I married Julia, things only got worse, and we ended up homeless, surviving on the streets, entangled in gangs and drugs.

But amidst the chaos, I reached out to God, praying for help and surrendering myself. In federal prison, both Julia and I began to find solace in our faith. After my release, I started working as a counselor in a drug and alcohol treatment center. It was during my first week there that I encountered Pastor Peter, who sparked a recognition within me. We connected and I shared my longing for a new church home. Pete invited us to First Love Church, where we immediately felt welcomed, loved, and embraced by the community.

The worship, biblical teachings, and warmth resonated with us deeply. Pete remembered my musical abilities and asked if I could play for the church. Overwhelmed with excitement, I accepted the opportunity. That initial performance opened doors for our whole team, and we were asked to continue playing on Sundays. Since 2017, I've been a part of First Love Church, grateful for Jesus' presence, this loving church family, and the nourishment I receive through God's Word.

This church is not just a place I call home; it's a sanctuary where the broken help and love one another. As someone who has been through struggles and received forgiveness, I understand the power of healing. And in this community, that love and healing are abundant.


As the First Love Church events planner and woman’s coordinator I have the privilege of focusing on finding and facilitating fun ways to bring our body of believers together as a family! Whether its hosting a Christmas Coffee for the women, a summer day of fellowship at the beach, or our annual Fall Family Festival I love bringing people together to build relationships, and to deepen our church family bonds.

Anna Frisby

I am very blessed to be the Children’s Ministry Director at First Love. It gives me so much joy to see kids of all ages understand, and get excited about the lessons I create each week for them. Nothing makes me happier, than when a child starts to grasp how great God is, and how much He loves each of them.